AirNav RadarBox ComStation - ADS-B Receiver

AirNav Systems

  • $64995


Airnav Systems’ flagship ADS-B receiver – developed in-house. This standalone unit comprises of an ADS-B Receiver, VHF Airband and a GPS Receiver all packed into one little unit. Ships with our award winning RadarBox Windows software. Also gain access to a business subscription on the Radarbox24 site when you feed data to

Included in the package is our receiver power supply, antenna and all the required cables. No extra hardware or software is needed to run or to setup.



  • ADS-B, VHF Airband and GPS Receiver
  • Includes receiver, power supply, antenna and all required cables
  • Track flights in your area & around the world.
  • Standalone unit. No extra hardware or software required.
  • Share data with Radarbox24
  • Complimentary Business Subscription on sharing data

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