AirNav RadarBox FlightStick - Advanced USB ADS-B Receiver

AirNav Systems

  • $2495


AirNav RadarBox FlightStick is an ADS-B receiver dongle fine tuned for optimal 1090 MHz performance. Includes an integrated Amplifier, Filter and Static Protection for maximum reception range. You will get up to 100% range and message rate increase when compared to other dongles. Share your received data with and benefit from extra features.


  • Decodes and displays Mode-S/ADS-B transmissions
  • The ideal starter device for ADS-B reception with integrated filter, amplifier and static protection for maximum range
  • Supports RadarBox Raspberry Pi Client
  • Check what your station receives in real-time at or RadarBox iOS and Android apps
  • Alerts, Weather and Aircraft Photos in Real-time at

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