AirNav RadarBox XRange - ADS-B Receiver

AirNav Systems

  • $29995


AirNav Systems top of the notch ADS-B receiver.

Featuring a brand new filtering and amplifier system for best reception and the latest firmware to guarantee maximum reception quality. Antenna is ADS-B 1090 MHz optimized.

Included in the package is a power supply, antenna and all the required cables. No extra hardware or software is needed to run or to setup.



  • ADS-B Receiver - fully optimized for 1090 MHz - with filters and re-amps
  • Includes receiver, power supply, antenna and all required cables
  • Track flights in your area & around the world
  • Standalone unit. No extra hardware or software required
  • Share data with Radarbox24
  • Complimentary Business Subscription on sharing data

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